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Local Burger Co. is a HIGH-ENERGY, COMMUNITY FOCUSED, CASUAL restaurant and bar that has REDEFINED the BURGER SPACE.

All of our locations are designed to embrace the character of  the neighborhood and strive to become a fixture in the community as well as a meaningful part of the local narrative.

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While our restaurants are a favorite with people of all ages, our diverse array of award-winning BURGERS, SKIN-ON-FRIES, MILKSHAKES, HOT DOGS, SIDES, and CRAFT BEERS draws younger generations by the droves. 

That’s because our brand, menu, interiors, and micro-targeted advertising are all designed to make our restaurants a fixture in any thriving community and the top-of-mind burger joint to every Millennial, Gen-X, and Gen-Z in the market.  

Local burger Customers

High Community


Local Burger Co. is revered for having a BIG BUSINESS HEART and a SMALL BUSINESS SOUL. Our grassroots efforts have proven to be an integral part of our success.

We start by adopting the zip code into our branding, décor and stamping each burger bun with “Made In (ZIP CODE)”. We also proudly display the local zip code on uniforms, menus, and all marketing materials to promote the neighborhood, area schools, clubs, and organizations.

Cost Conscious PERFORMANCE

Restaurateurs respond to simplicity. With our easy-to-execute menu, our value-engineered restaurants run smoothly with only 5-8 employees per shift and achieved an AUV OF OVER $1.5 MILLION for the 12-Month Period from 7/1/2022 through 6/30/2023.*

Exceptional Location

While our Local Burger Co. locations are casual and comfortable, we consider the support of our franchisee’s serious business. Our dedicated support team and sequential onboarding programs assure you that you’re on a roll well before your store opens.

Technology Backed modeling

Technology Backed
Site Modeling

Local Burger location development begins within hours of TECHNOLOGY-BACKED DEMOGRAPHIC MODELING based on industry and our own top-performing stores.

Laptop with Coffee

Availability & Lease Assessment

Availability research, site surveys and lease assessment to industry and local comparative properties. 

Laptop with Coffee
Restaurant Bar

Restaurant Design
& Construction

Cost effective prototypical design, materials and construction is applied to the site to give it that unique and effective “LOCAL” appeal.

Training &
Grand Opening

Dedicated 3-week training program and open teams assure that you and your management are in lock step with everything that makes Local Burger so locally great!

Making Drinks

Looking To Make It


Local Burger Co. is a HIGH-ENERGY, COMMUNITY-FOCUSED, CASUAL RESTAURANT and bar that has redefined the burger space. All our locations are designed to embrace the CHARACTER OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD and strive to become a FIXTURE IN THE COMMUNITY as well as a meaningful part of the local narrative.



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There is no better time to consider being a part of the Local Burger family. Acquire a TURN-KEY business with established vendor connections, purchasing power, seasoned leadership, effective operational systems, cutting-edge real estate technology, on-trend marketing, and COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS COACHING and SUPPORT at every stage. 

The Ideal



  • An appreciation of the Local Burger brand culture and business model.
  • 3+ years of restaurant owner or operator experience.
  • A minimum net worth of $1M including $250,000 in liquid assets.

Steps To Ownership

  1. Initial Call
  2. Application
  3. Team Call
  4. Receive Our FDD
  5. Discovery Meeting In New York
  6. Committee Approval & Signing
  7. On-Boarding & Location Search
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We’re looking forward to answering your questions and talk’n Local!

* See Local Burger Co. FDD for performance details.
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